What can be used instead of plain water if the baby doesn't like to drink?

What can be used instead of plain water if the baby doesn't like to drink?

Nowadays, it is a common problem that babies don’t like to drink water, but our human body needs to take in a certain amount of water every day. If the baby’s daily intake of water is relatively small, this will greatly affect the health of the body. Therefore, many parents usually think of many ways to let the baby drink water. Some parents may want to fill the milk powder lightly so that the baby will drink more water. So, what can be used for babies who don’t like to drink plain water? Can the milk powder be diluted and diluted?

First of all, if the baby does not like to drink water, it is not possible to dilute the milk powder instead of warm water for the baby to drink, because the milk powder contains a lot of nutrients and cannot retain the original state of the warm water. Many milk-fed babies don't like to drink water, but mothers should also give the baby some water. If you don't drink water, your body is prone to lack of water. Mothers can feed a little warm water when the baby is about to feed, so that the baby is not easy to resist, but breastfed babies do not need to drink extra water.

Secondly, the baby can use some rice soup instead of drinking water, which belongs to body fluid and can also meet the water demand. In addition, you can also squeeze a little fruit juice for your baby, but you need to mix some water to dilute it. Fruit juice with too high concentration is a burden on the baby's stomach, and the water mixed with the juice can also arouse the baby's desire to drink.

First of all, children don’t like to drink boiled water. In order to coax the children to drink, parents can add a little sugar to the boiled water. When the children are willing to drink water, they must gradually remove the sugar and put a little less each time. Until the child adapts to drinking boiled water. However, some parents will give their children drinks, which is actually wrong, because the drinks on the market contain too many additives, and the children's gastrointestinal function is not well developed. Drinking drinks regularly can easily affect their health.

Secondly, parents can also put a little juice in the boiled water, because the juice generally has a sweet and sour taste, and children prefer to drink it; and it is natural and healthy without additives, but the amount of juice added every day should be gradually reduced. Finally, the baby I like to drink boiled water. This method is relatively common, and many parents say that this method is quite effective.